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with integrated eIDAS signature


Optimal web solution for your KYC forms

With KYC.web you manage your KYC forms according to the strictest existing security laws completely online and easy.

Fill Out

Complete relevant form fields


Upload documents securely


Receive and check forms



Logical user interface for all devices

The user interface of KYCweb is based on simple but intelligent criteria. User documents, such as; passport, certificates or extracts, can be uploaded quickly and safely. In the case of legal entities, the path must always lead to the natural persons behind it, thus counteracting obfuscation.

"Woe to him who trusts a stranger."

"Gwae a ymddiried i estrawn"


Secure data processing in the safecloud


All data is automatically stored encrypted by means of end-to-end encryption and can’t be passed on to third parties.

Safecloud storage

All servers are located in highly secure certified data centers in Austria. For you, this means that all user data is protected by the strict Austrian and EU-wide data protection laws.


This is how KYCweb works

Payment Plans.

Efficient solutions to save time


Monthly payment
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Full use of the tool

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49€ / Month*

1€ / KYC Form
6€ / KYC eIDAS signed


Yearly payment
Email / Hotline Support

Full use of the tool

Login on your homepage

500€ / Year*

1€ / KYC Form
6€ / KYC eIDAS signed


Upon request
full support

Integration in your system

Individual Login


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We will adjust the tool for your need

* Net value, 20% tax will be added / billing by invoice or direct debit


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    KYC Web
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    Global Data Protection GmbH
    Biberstrasse 10 / 6
    1010 Vienna

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    KYC Web
    A company of

    Global Data Protection GmbH
    Biberstrasse 10 /6
    1010 Vienna


    A safe place for your data!
    Cloud storage and chat developed in Austria.

    eIDAS signature
    KYC checked signing process by means of fingerprint, video and face recognition.

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